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Strawberry Scented Cake Decorating Spirit

More Spirit Strawberry Scented Cake Decorating Spirit

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Hate the smell of Rose Spirit? We’ve got you covered!!!!

Introducing Strawberry scented More Spirit!!! Think, strawberry shortcake in cake decorating spirit form! Yes, you read that correctly.

No more rose scented cakes, this is sweet sweet strawberry all the way!

And the bonus? It comes in a convenient dropper bottle for easy, dribble free dispensing!

So what do you do with More Spirit?

Firstly, you don’t drink it! Not for drinking consumption. Plus it tastes revolting on purpose to discourage you from drinking it!

Perfect for mixing with petal dusts and lustres for cake, cookie, macaron, fondant decorating and more!

Great for brushing over cornflour stained fondant to remove marks.

Important stuff:

Produced/Made and bottled in Australia!

Allergens: Contains no allergens. Vegan friendly as produced from vegetables.

Ingredients: 99.9% Alcohol, 0.1% Strawberry essence.